The first written report about the historical village Gánovce is from 1317 where the village is mentioned as “Villa Ganau”. Among the three owners of the village in the past, the name Bazilius, son of Gaan, is mentioned. The village was named after to him. People in the village were involved in fruit growing and agriculture. 

The original location of the village is south-east, 3km away from Poprad. The village is situated in the southern part of the Popradská kotlina valley and the area is covered by predominantly palaeogenic sediments of the Central Carpathian Flysch. There are big yards of travertine which are bound to cross pits of the east-west direction as well as mineralized wells containing carbon oxide. The early yards originated in the Pleistocene and Holocene Ice Age. The majority of the yards originated later – at the time of the last interglacial ris / würm.


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